Gozil’s outsourcing services include the following services:

configuration and optimization of the server according to your needs for optimum operation.

  • Support and configuration of your server (Linux / Windows).
  •  Setting the firewall
  •  Php setting
  •  Apache setting (web server)
  •   Module installation (php, perl etc ..) on demand
  •   Tip for debugging websites installed on the server (php, MySQL)

Intervention on the server without limitation of number or time

Real-time monitoring of application resources and system services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • Intervention on the software failures of your server
  •   Security update of the operating system software components.
  •   Server security audit
  •   Securing your server
  •   Support by ticket, accessible 24 per day in the customer area
  •   Setting up scheduled tasks.
  •   Backup (daily) and restore server data on demand
  •   Restitution and log analysis
  •   SSL certificate installation

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