16 Dec

Reasons to Use Managed WordPress Hosting

While it is clear that WordPress can be installed on almost any web host providing a forum for PHP and MySQL; there is a lot to be said about opting for a web hosting package optimized for WordPress.

In fact, a typical WordPress hosting plan will be like a standard shared resource plan. But the value is in the detail as it will be highly optimized pre-installed and, most importantly, regularly updated and secured. And for this reason, lots of people will choose to use a dedicated WordPress host as opposed to a regular, run of the mill hosting firm.

Here are some of the reasons why a WordPress host is 10 times better than a regular web host.


Security is very important. Because of its popularity, there are thousands of people around the world trying to find holes and weaknesses that they can take advantage of. The same goes for its hoards of plugins and themes that are compatible.

By using a WordPress host experience, you will overcome these potential problems as all WordPress hosting packages will certainly come with regular updates to patch any problems as they are found and they will also feature security tools that can detect bugs in your chosen themes or plugins.


The secret to the best performance in WordPress is optimization. Web server, database, and browser-served files such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript optimization. With the exception of the front end stuff, a traditional WordPress host can manage all this for you–although they will definitely inform you of what you need to do even in this situation.


Most of us need assistance from time to time with our web hosting service. Honestly, we all do it – and if you’re working with WordPress, experience counts a lot.

The point is, WordPress has known weaknesses as popular as it is. Typically these are induced by poorly designed themes or poorly coded plugins. Yet due to problems with WordPress itself, there are also concerns that may occur. This is why experience is important as far as your web host goes.

Easy Setup

While WordPress is sure to be an easy application to set up, for some it can still be confusing. Specifically when setting up your own database and editing your own configuration files. Almost all WordPress hosts come either pre-installed or via a one-click install script with WordPress. This will set up and customize WordPress for you by clicking a button, as the name suggests.


In brief, you will find with WordPress that the bigger your site gets in terms of content, the more issues you’ll run into. WordPress hosting plans tend to dismiss the majority of these issues. Given that most WP hosting plans are priced the same as regular shared hosting plans. And if you are planning to run WordPress, save yourself from the future headaches and get yourself an optimized plan from the go.