12 Mar

Become familiar with the process of website creation

How to create a website?

When starting a business, creating a modern website can be a good way to attract customers. Unfortunately, few of you are familiar with the process of creating a website. That’s why it seemed useful to write this guide to explain in detail how to create a website for your future business.

The elements that make up the website


Let’s start by focusing on the elements that make up the website.

To put it simply, you need 4 things before you can upload your site:

  • A domain name
  • A host
  • The website itself
  • A traffic acquisition strategy

The domain name


The domain name of your website corresponds to its address on the internet, for example: www.example.com.

To acquire a domain name, you must find one available and rent it from a specialized company.

The host

To put your website online you have to put it on a server connected to the Internet is the role of the host.

The host will, depending on the chosen hosting, you lease:

  • Space on one of its servers
  • One or more servers for you alone

The website


The creation of the website itself is not the most complicated part.

Here you have 3 options:

  • Call on a specialized agency
  • Learn to do it alone
  • Use online software

We do not recommend using online software because the results obtained with them are generally not very good. If your budget is very tight, it is better to either take the time to learn to do it yourself, or invest in a Facebook page.

To have a professional website we advise you to go through an agency, it will cost you a little more but you will get a quality site. In addition to the specifications of the site on the technical side, you will also have to think about the legal part. Request a website quote.

Traffic acquisition


A website without traffic is not very useful, so you will need to provide a marketing budget adapted to develop the audience of your website.

There are different ways to do this (content marketing strategy, advertising, affiliation, etc.). In general, the acquisition of traffic is the most expensive part of the process (time and money), so we advise you to think about this aspect before you start creating your website.