02 Dec

Why your company needs an EV SSL Certificate

Why you should use EV SSL Certificate

Why is it necessary to have an SSL Certificate? Well, SSL Certificate attempts to secure a connection from point A to point B. So the big question is why you need to have an EV (Extended Validation) SSL Certificate? I will tell you, it is all about customer confidence.

Benefits of having EV SSL Certificate

EV SSL Certificates can be used in all applications requiring stronger assurance of identity and added confidence. Strong-profile websites frequently oriented towards targeted attacks. Such as major brands, banks or financial institutions, can use EV SSL certificates to access their public websites. Also, websites collecting data, processing logins or online payments can also benefit from using EV SSL Certificate and can display their verified brand identity.

The validity and reliability of EV SSL Certificate

Some websites that have the company name after the padlock give you a much better sense of what and to whom you are trying to connect. Certificates including the name of the company have been cleared that they have a valid company number that has been confirmed as active, not only that but also a contact number for that company and access to the email for that domain name has been validated.

After doing this, the way the address bar looks in the tab will change. The name of the company and the country of incorporation will be shown after the padlock. Which is usually in green. However, keep in mind that themes can mean it will appear in other shades.

So your customers know who they are dealing with. They are reachable, transparent. They are going to get to be assured that the other party is who they say they are NOT FAKE.

The impacts on customers’ trust are quantifiable and that’s why you’d go to the effort, difficulty, and cost of defending yourself from a variety of fake attacks and taking the site seriously.

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